Finding Hapaness

Ha・Pa /noun/ Hawaiian term meaning half.

Meet the Artists

Ashley Sugimoto

Ashley Sugimoto (22) is a Toronto-born filmmaker and a recent graduate of the film production program at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in British Columbia. Her short documentary, Aiko (2016), was her first well-received piece, having been asked to screen the film for several months through Yahoo Japan in 2019. Her latest film, Shards (2018), Ashley’s first narrative film, has received attention from film festivals, going as far as winning an award of excellence through IMDb recognized festival, Global Shorts Film Festival. Ashley has dabbled in previous works with films that focus more on the psychological elements of characters, specifically in her short, (d)Rift (2017), and since graduating, she has decided to explore more stories that push the boundaries of female representation in cinema and multiculturalism in Canada.

Hei Lam Ng

Originally from Hong Kong, Hei Lam Ng is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her work spans photography, printmaking and book art. An anterior background in Chinese creative writing often adds a subtle poetic touch to Hei Lam’s art practice. These backgrounds fuse into a medium-specific approach of artistic practice that often further enhance the context. The loss and acquisition of identity in situations of displacement is often a central theme of her work.

Hei Lam’s latest practice focuses on experimental printmaking and book objects. She is currently working towards establishing an independent publishing collective that will specialize in small run, custom made artist book projects.